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About Russ Greene

Having graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Finance and a minor in economics I honestly never believed in a hundred years that I would be in the outdoor living business, but after 10 years I’m still here and loving every minute of it.  Once we started our family the outdoor space become just as important as the kitchen we cook in and the bathroom we shower in.  Having lived in the Midwest my entire life I quickly realized that once spring comes I wanted to be outside - either cooking or enjoying the pool with the kids - the outdoor space is a place that is special to our family.  


It seems like “screens” and video games have really impacted families' chances of spending quality time together and this is something that I hope I can help all my clients with.  


Whether it’s a pool, patio, fire feature, or outdoor kitchen we want to help you create the outdoor living environment that best fits YOU.

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